Andrea Rossi and His Cold Fusion Energy Inventions

Andrea Rossi is an Italian engineer that is also an inventor. His work in the area of cold fusion energy is very exciting and promising. Cold fusion energy would give us the ability to create energy at a low cost, and in a clean way. This is something that people have been searching for ever since we discovered that the energy sources we are currently using are harming the environment around us, and they are costing us dearly to operate.
Andrea Rossi has an invention known as an energy catalyzer. Mr. Rossi applied for the patent application on this invention in 2009. And he describes the apparatus as being not so much cold fusion as it is a low Energy Nuclear Reaction. Sergio Focardi is working with

Rossi on this project in the capacity of physicist, scientific consultant and an emeritus (retired) professor.

It is reported that when the hydrogen is heated to a certain temperature that is bonds with the nickel powder and creates an enormous amount of energy for the amount of hydrogen and nickel that was used. It is also reported that the result of this fusion is copper.
Mr. Rossi has reportedly came to an agreement with an American company called AmpEnergo that will allow him to receive royalties from the sales of the products built and the licenses issued based on the E-Cat.
Andrea Rossi was born in 1951 and has had quite a
successful career. Mr. Rossi is a Doctor of Science and Engineering. He received his degree from the University of Milan. For several years now he has been interested in the production of an alternative energy source that would be more cost effective and provide cleaner energy. He believes he has struck gold with his energy catalyzer. He reports that he has had one of his inventions operating continuously for the last two years to provide heat to a factory. He says that the factory has reported a reduction in their energy bill that is as high as 90%.

In his effort to maintain control of this project he sold some of his holdings. Rossi does not want to have to change or alter any part of his invention in order to satisfy outsiders. When a scientist or developer allows outside sources to contribute to the funding of a project they also must allow those outside sources to make demands on how a project is developed. Rossi wants this energy catalyzer to be his own private enterprise.

It is reported that the device will only have to be refueled once every six months, and that the device should be scheduled for a maintenance check at that time. Rossi says that anyone can operate these devices because they are operated by the simple flipping on of a switch. He makes the comparison that the operation of this device is no more difficult than the turning on of a television set. There will be a simple instruction manual provided to teach customers to operate the equipment.
Rossi details that the output of each of these devices should be eight units produced for every one unit put into it. He further explains that while it is very possible to get an even higher output for the same input, it could be dangerous to attempt this action.
Serial production of the modules is supposed to begin shortly. The design of the modules is so that you can connect a series of modules together and create a greater power limit.

It is reported that these devices will be being massed produced within the next three years. Within the next decade we could actually see these devices in many business applications as well as in some residential applications. This source of high energy output requires so little fuel that the cost of operations is nominal. Everyone will want to be operating one in their home to reduce the high price they pay currently for heating and for electricity. While the device has not been specifically used to create electrical power as of yet, Mr. Rossi reports that it would not be difficult at all to generate electrical power using this technology.

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